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About Us
Who is KAD ART?
KAD ART, a premier jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler worldwide. We are specializing in high quality and fine exquisite pieces with aesthetical design.
We carry a wide selection including diamond, jade and silver,featuring a modern and elegant design. Meanwhile, we provide domestic and oversea manufacturing service with profession.
Why Us?
We own 3 branch offices and 9 factories with 1200 technicians;
More than 50,000 square meters of self-owned production workshop, including design, manufacture and sales. With a high volume of sales which is up to 5 million pieces monthly, KAD ART can be rated as one of the top-notch jewelry manufacturing companies in China.
Moreover, KAD ART has been working with a group of exceptional designers domestically and world widely. Our goal is to bring a dynamic and classic style to our customers and all the precious-stones, semi-gems and fashion jewelry material are sourcing globally.
Branches from KAD ART
Hengdeli is a luxury jewelry supplier and is dedicating in bringing Chinese culture together with modern design. The brand is expertise in Jadeite, nephrite and precious stone and promising to bring an authentic and oriental accent to the design.
BDD Co. is an international online jewelry retailer. The main product line is focusing on diamond and fashion pieces designed by our own. All of the items comply with a high quality standard and are appreciated in various markets throughout the world.